Pilgrims Visiting The Sanctuary in October 2014

PHOTOGRAPH 1- 3: October 4th pilgrimage from Paris.
Devotees bought flowers for the altar of Saint Philomena and celebrated Mass.

PHOTOGRAPH 4: Devotees of Marseille

PHOTOGRAPH 5- 8: October 7th. Valida, Marie-Claire, Christian Lang.
Center of Germany. They have brought a devotional candle.

PHOTOGRAPH 9-10: October 8th. Jane Torresan from Canada.

PHOTOGRAPH 11: October 8th prayer group from USA, Los Angeles guided by Sister Mary Tarcisina.


PHOTOGRAPH 19: October 10th. Devotees Douglas and Karen Miller from North Caroline and Father James M. Collins from NC.

PHOTOGRAPH 20: October 10th. Devotees from Almeria, Spain. Name is Inma Delgado.

PHOTOGRAPH 21: October 14th. Devotees from Florida.

PHOTOGRAPH 22-24: October 15th. Family Myers from West Midlands, UK. Daughter was born thru the intercession of St. Philomena.

PHOTOGRAPH 25- 30: October 16th. Pilgrimage from Gniechowice, Poland.
Father Jarostaw Wawak.

PHOTOGRAPH 31: October 17th. French pilgrimage.

PHOTOGRAPH 32-33: October 19th: devotees from Philadelphia. Mary Ramdles and Dolores Hallsworth.

PHOTOGRAPH 34-35: October 20th. Devotees from London. Gill and Glenda Carpenter.

Pilgrims Visiting The Sanctuary in October 2014