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The Pious Union of Saint Philomena is a prayer and apostolate association which proposes the commitment to a life lived according to the Gospel of Christ with the example of Saint Philomena; the spreading of her devotion and the education of youth into the Christian life.


Members must always wear, tied around their body or always with them, the Cord of the Saint blessed by the Rev. Rector of the Sanctuary or by any authorized priest.

Members must read, and encourage others to read, the Life of the Young Saint.

Members must recite everyday, within limits, the Little Crown of Saint Philomena.

Members are to receive Holy Communion on January 10th, May 25th and the 10th, 11th or 13th of August.

Members are to pay to the Sanctuary of Mugnano del Cardinale (Av) an annual fee, according to their possibilities.

To be a member of the Confraternity of Saint Philomena it is necessary to give your name to the Rector of the Sanctuary who will record it in the appropriate registry.

The names of the members of the various Confraternity sites of Saint Philomena, both in Italy and abroad, must be forwarded to the Sanctuary of Mugnano, to be recorded in the general registry of the Universal Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena.


For members, alive or dead, there will be a Holy Mass celebrated every second Friday of the month.

The members will share all the benefits received through prayers said in the Sanctuary.

The members that are the most zealous in bringing new members to join the universal arch confraternity and that show interest in the spreading of the cult will be called zealots


At the conditions established by the Church (confession, communion and prayer for the Roman Pontiff) the indulgence is acquired on the day in which the Cord is worn, as long as it has been blessed.

The indulgence is acquired even on the days 10 January, 25 May, 10 August, 11 August and 13 August.

Levels of Membership


To accomplish these different purposes, the Archconfraternity always makes use of prayer and of the material and spiritual support of its members:

It uses the members’ offers to spread the cult through the internet, publication of prints, news, leaflets, etc.

Publishes a special bulletin: “Messenger of Saint Philomena”.


The members of the Archconfraternity are divided into:

Little members – Children of Mary: This section includes children under 13 years of age who have been entrusted to the protection of Saint Philomena. The little members of Saint Philomena, if they wish, can do a lot for the reign of Christ, through prayer.

Youth members – Youth for Purity: Young adults can place themselves under the protection of Saint Philomena for guidance in their lives to make right decisions. To bring them into a life in Christ Jesus.

Members – Family of Saint Philomena: These are the persons that, placing themselves under the protection of Saint Philomena, practice prayers and apostolate with other members of the Archconfraternity in favor of the other members and for the great intentions that the Church has entrusted to the Association.

Members of the Cord of Saint Philomena: The members of the Archconfraternity who wish to place themselves in a particular manner under the protection of the Saint, or who desire to imitate the examples of the young Martyr in the perfect practice of their duties, carry as a badge, tied around their body, a white and red Cord which represents the virtues of their patron Saint: a) the faith and the purity of the virgins; and b) the charity and generosity of the martyrdom;

The Cord is a sign of a special devotion toward the Saint and is worn in order to receive special graces, in particular to lead a chaste life according to their state. For those who carry the Cord the daily recital of the following prayer is recommended:

Oh Saint Philomena, Virgin and Martyr, pray for us, so that through your powerful intercession, we may receive the purity of spirit and heart, which leads to the perfect Love of God. Amen.
Leo XIII approved and enriched this devotion with perpetual precious indulgences, with Apostolic Brief of 4 April 1884.


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