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Sanctuary of Saint Philomena outside

To book into the pilgrims centre of the Sanctuary please contact the Sanctuary of St. Philomena directly by email at:

This is not a hotel it is more like a home for the family of St Philomena to stay at while visiting their Saint’s earthly home. It is attached to the Sanctuary and gives direct access into the Church where the Sacred Altar of St Philomena is situated. The accommodation is of good basic quality, rooms have en-suite bathrooms, some have air conditioning with Southern Italian cuisine being served.

Meals and food served in the Pilgrims centre must be pre-arranged. There are restaurants and pizzeria’s with in the town, the closest one is around a 15 minute walk and accessed by a walk down the hill leading to the sanctuary. Directions are available on arrival to the Pilgrims centre.

When arriving for the first time we ask that you check in within the opening hours detailed below. If you are not able to do this let us know in advance, we also need to know if you require a meal on arrival. When staying we ask that you are in before the Sanctuary closes, if you find that you will not be back in time please be courteous and telephone to advise when you expect to return, there is no problem with you doing this . These small details help us greatly.

Your booking helps support the Sanctuary.

As you consider a visit to the Sanctuary you will come to the earthly home of St. Philomena and we ask that you have a devotion or are interested in finding out more about our dear Saint.

Opening times of the Sanctuary of St Philomena:

08:30 – 13:00

15:00 – 20:00 (19:00 when the clocks change for winter time in October)

Mass at the Sanctuary of St. Philomena


10:00 am (main mass of the day with choir)

12:00 noon

19:00 (18:00 when the clocks change for winter time)


19:00 (18:00 when the clocks change for winter time)

Confessions by appointment in Italian only.


Sanctuary of Saint Philomena

Mugnano del Cardinale, Avellino, Italy

Tel: (+39) 081 825 7204


(+39) 081 8257204 Italian, Spanish, French & English

(alternatively you can call to speak to someone in English  (+44) (0) 141 772 8558 or (+44) (0) 141 328 3890)

Information on the Sanctuary of St. Philomena

The Sanctuary consists of the main church with the Sacred Altar of St Philomena, a museum, devotional item shop and pilgrim center. The pilgrim center has been partly restored and can now host a pilgrimage of up to 50 devotees. The Rector of the Sanctuary, Msgr. Giovanni Braschi, has undertaken the work of the pilgrim center in order that the devotees who come from far and near can be close to St. Philomena in both body and spirit. He views the devotion to St. Philomena as one large family, the head of which is the Sanctuary and should be the home to all who come to visit. The section of the Sanctuary which has not been restored but will soon be with the help and support of donations by worldwide devotees, was once a convent and orphanage. There is a great deal of work and money needed for this section alone. It is the Rector’s wish to restore it soon to be able to offer additional pilgrim rooms. There are still adaptations which need to be made to accommodate our devotees who have a handicap and who wish to visit the Sanctuary. There is also ongoing work creating the crypt of St. Philomena, which will be a replica of the catacombs and have the tile stones of St. Philomena laid out as they were when the tomb was discovered. More urgently, donations are required to repair the dome of the Sanctuary from water penetration. You can now see how much the Sanctuary is in need of your help in any way you can. The only funds supporting of the Sanctuary come through the sale of the devotional items, donations, Mass requests, pilgrim reservations and the help and support sent in by private devotees and the official devotional centers.