Become a Promoter

If you would like to:
Help spread the devotion to St. Philomena, this wonder working Saint
elp our movement in a professional way
serve on our committee

Please write directly to Msgr. Giovanni Braschi at

The more help we have the more we can accomplish. We all work together as a team with only the Glory of God in our hearts. We all know how powerful with God Saint Philomena is and our aim is to introduce others to her.
If you check the worldwide center list and do not find a Center in your area please let us know how to support you become our new representative. If you do find a center within your area and would like to offer you assistance please e-mail us as we would love to hear from you.

Saint Philomena can enter your heart and before you know it you are doing all you can to make her known in the world. God kept her hidden in the catacombs until the moment He knew we needed her most. The time is now and there is work to be done and no time to waste. Will you help?